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We recruit & support foster carers and adopters in partnership the five HSC (Belfast, Northern, South Eastern, Southern, Western) Trusts in Northern Ireland. We are committed to providing learning & development opportunities for all our foster carers & adopters.

  • EITP Helpline details

    The EITP Looked-after Children Education Project Helpline will provide immediate advice, guidance and support to current P6 & 7 pupils. Click image for more details.

  • Adoption Changes Lives

    To find out more about 'changing a life', click the image.

  • Could YOU foster?

    The drive to recruit foster carers in the five Health and Social Care Trusts for children and young people continues; "don't rule yourself out".

  • Fostering in a Digital World Safeguarding app

    The Regional app - a valuable resource for all foster carers. Click the image for details on how to download.

  • Kinship Foster Care Resource

    An informative, digital guide to kinship foster care.

More info »Fostering

Fostering provides children / young people who cannot live with their own families with an alternative home where they can feel valued, respected and cared for. Could you foster?

More info »Adoption

Adoption is a legal process which provides children who cannot be brought up by their own parents with a new permanent family. Adopters may or may not have birth children. Could you adopt?

Kinship Foster Care

This resource has been developed for kinship foster carers or those who are about to embark on the journey.

Regional Emergency Social Work Service: Telephone 028 9504 999

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HSC Adoption & Fostering

Laura & Mark

foster carers

As a family we have gained more from fostering than we ever thought possible.

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HSC Adoption & Fostering

Barry and Nicola


We are thrilled we extended our family and became parents again through adoption.

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