Children who need adoptive families

Children of all ages, cultures, religious and ethnic backgrounds may need a family for life through adoption. Today there are very few babies who need to be adopted. Children in need of a permanent family are usually aged between two and ten years. There are many ‘sibling groups’ i.e. brothers and sisters who need to be given an opportunity to grow up together in their family unit.

Most children who need an adoptive family are in foster care. The most common reasons for this are neglect or abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional), their parents may have addiction problems, poor physical / mental health or simply a lack of skills and knowledge required to parent their child.

Understandably, children who have lived through such experiences are confused and hurt and can find it hard to build relationships and trust adults. Many children express their feelings through behaviours that can be challenging; they need parents who can understand and help them. The important thing to remember is that these children deserve to be loved, feel secure and grow up in a family where they will be nurtured and encouraged to develop in all areas of their life.

In spite of their difficult past, many of these children will have memories of their birth family which are important to them, and may continue to have contact with them. All adopted children need parents who can understand the importance of early life experiences and who can acknowledge the significance of their birth families.