Foster carer profiles

Click on the links below to read about the ‘ordinary’ people making an ‘extraordinary’ difference to children and young people’s lives through fostering in Northern Ireland.

Read an inspiring poem by one of our foster carers
Could You be a Foster Carer?

Belfast Trust

Irene McCaughan
Jude Malone
Rachel Smith
Marette and Sean McGivern

Northern Trust

Norman and Janice Irwin
Jim and Julie McIntyre
April & David Evans
Heather & George McMullan
Cecilia McCracken

South Eastern Trust

John and Lynne McKenzie
Anne Veitch
Nichola McKay
Valerie and David
Neil and Tina Symington
Gerry and Kay Nellis
David and Norma Tennis

Southern Trust

Graham and Mary
Rita and Kevin Taylor
Pauline Hanratty
Bridget and Albert

Ruth and William

Western Trust

Frances Donnelly
Kate’s story 
Paul & Diane Bassett
Noel & Florence Goudie
Kenny & Janet Clements